Where are they now? Kherington Payne has had some very visible success after her stint on Season 4 of So You Think You Can Dance. Here she is in Katy Perry’s ‘California Girls.’ She also was seen in almost all of Katy Perry’s performances of this song on TV. She then showed up again in The Dance Scene a reality TV show about Laurieann Gibsons life and business.

I would say Kherington has had one of the most successful off So You Think You Can Dance? celebrity success. She has somehow managed to stay in the dance spotlight since leaving the show. She even was cast as Alice in the movie version of Fame!

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  2. whatwouldharveydo said: She’s definitely one of the most successful. Twitch has been in a movie, w/ Legacy & Joshua. Both Laurens are dancers for glee, and Mark danced for Lady Gaga. SYTYCD is just a springboard for all of them. :)
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